Welcome to Bait Al Taleem

The Kingdom’s premier English Language Institute

Bait Al Taleem focuses on development of English language skills for all ages of students.

Our primary aim is to prepare Bahraini pupils to read, write and speak standard English accurately to make them confident in their public, cultural and working life.
We offer courses to pupils who have not learnt English at all or those who have learnt a little, and are not confident enough to move on and need supplementary and special courses in English.
Our courses offer a judicious blend of different language skills from a range of sources based on contents, which keeps students interested, motivated and enthusiastic

Our Mission

To provide high-quality, affordable and accessible educational programmes of an international standard, facilitating the personal and professional development of its students, faculty and staff.

Our Vision

To be a dynamic, innovative, and student-centred institute, promoting excellence in teaching and learning, serving diverse communities and producing lifelong learners who can compete globally.

We provide a friendly and supportive environment that not only enhances the self-esteem of each individual but also challenges each to develop understanding skills, abilities and talents to the full. Bait Al Taleem values its past and builds upon its strengths approaching new ideas with discernment as it continuously looks to the future.

Our Objectives

  • To develop pupil’s abilities to communicate effectively in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • To buildup competence in standard English.
  • To help students understand the value of writing as well as the means of remembering, communicating, organising, developing ideas and information as a source of enjoyment.
  • To teach them to write independently with confidence, fluency and accuracy.
  • To encourage them to express themselves confidently and clearly.
  • To teach them to use their knowledge about language gained, to develop the understanding of everyday English.
  • To motivate them to mature as ebullient, self supporting and reflective users of the English Language. They will have opportunities to use the language for their own interest, pleasure and information

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